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    Thanks for your interest in deepening your demonstration of justice and joy in your online course. As someone who has designed, developed and delivered thousands of learning events online for over a dozen years to humans connecting in from over 30 countries, I understand the challenge that entrepreneurs turned educators face when attempting to share their brilliance with a growing community AND demonstrate their inclusive values. Many may be asking:

    • How do I design my curriculum to avoid perpetuating bias, like only quoting white guys?
    • How can I keep my program engaging while strengthening the results folks get upon completion?
    • How do I lead with my privilege, be it education, wealth, skin-color or nationality in a way that serves those most marginalized by our society?

    I've worked with dozens of online course creators, digital educators, coaches and trainers who were seeking to move beyond the emotional stagnation and conflict avoidance to deepen their capacity to excavate bias, center human experience and demonstrate risk.

    It's all too easy to say your courses are open to all, but whose experience are you centering in your content? Whose opinions about the best ways to share knowledge are you prioritizing in the way you teach? How often are you taking risks to share power, question unearned privilege and offer a new way to build bridges across racial difference?

    This assessment describes nine growth edges critical to practice in your learning spaces if you seek to truly be inclusive to humans of all hues. Course Rebels seek to:

    • Strengthen Resilience
    • Diversify Memory
    • Envision Wholeness
    • Center Humans
    • Deepen Engagement
    • Nurture Community
    • Expand Access
    • Demonstrate Risk
    • Share Power

    Based on your responses, this FREE assessment provides simple strategies on how to:

    • identify common roadblocks and challenges
    • take immediate steps to deepen each growth edge
    • engage your practice further individually and in community.

    I hope it serves you in your efforts to deliver an inclusive online learning experience. Please feel free pass along any feedback you have. My contact information is on the bottom of the assessment page.

    To the inner rebel in you!

    Nina E.

    About the author:

    Nina Everflow is an industry-recognized virtual instructional designer, with over a dozen years of experience in delivering online learning to organizations around the world. Through her agency, Everflow Consulting, she supports online educators to redesign their curriculum for engagement, inclusion and transformative outcomes. She lives on the stolen lands of the Monacan, in central Virginia USA, with her multi-cultural and multi-generational family.