Updated and improved!

Three simple steps to help you design a more effective learning experience!

Stop building training based on how YOU learn, design for the people you seek to serve.

Developed by a professional instructional designer specifically for new course creators.


Develop with INTEGRITY.


This is for you if you are a…

  • Coach designing a unique personal development journey,
  • Course creator obsessed with improving client results,
  • Speaker seeking to stand out from the noise.

Too many course creators, coaches, and speakers, simply don’t know the science behind how adults learn and fall into the fog of three common myths.

This digital guide helps you cut through the fog that is keeping you stuck, avoidant and undervalued.

Providing clear, compelling guidance on how to design a learning environment for your folks that truly aligns to the wisdom you seek to share.

So, what are these myths?

Myth #1: Teach Like You Learn

Because of our indecisiveness (and addiction to perfectionism) we make training more complicated than it needs to be. Yet we're relying on the wrong data (our schooling experience) to lead the way.

Learn a simple 3x3 framework that immediately gifts clarity and confidence in sharing your expertise and producing the results you promise.

Myth #2: No Harm No Foul

This is the problem most people don’t even know they are perpetuating. It’s the unconscious bias that creates deep harm and distrust between trainer and attendee. Unsafe spaces interfere with learning retention, application and diminish the likelihood of returning clients.

A concise self-examination of your training behaviors to excavate subtle acts of exclusion can help you and your audience develop a deeper sense of belonging.

Myth #3: Sharing Gets Results

Unfortunately, too many service providers don’t know the difference between telling, teaching or training - assuming lecture-based presentations result in training-level results. When they rarely do.

Let’s practice integrity by aligning promised results with how your experience is designed. This tool includes a powerful mini-series on examining the differences between telling, teaching and training - and recommendations on what approach matches the outcome your people seek.

Ready to design-Aligned?